Axioms are comprehensions, propositions, and/or declarations, which are initially set in place to stand of their own power and dignity, as if they were capable of, but do not need, a verification or confirmation from another source (pg. 8). Axioms are not found through derivation or deduction, but rather, are discovered as such (pg. 9)

1  Editors note: The German word "Wissen" can be either translated with "Knowledge" or "Knowing". We have chosen the word "Knowledge".

2  Specification is based on the old Latin word specio or spicio and facere. Specio originally meant: caught sight of, passive: the thing caught sight of, the picture. We are thus using the original interpretation: specification, and not in the usual meaning as Particularity of the Multiplicity (as it has been also used by Kant).

3  The proof that individuation is the organizing principle of our consciousness and its world I have originally undertaken in my work Welt als Individuation (World as Individuation), Leipzig 27..


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